Ulrich Elling

Profiling stem cells and differentiation with haploid genetics

  • In development, the inner cell mass of the mammalian blastocyst differentiates into all embryonic tissues. Pluripotent embryonic stem (ES) cells as well as induced pluripotent cells (iPS) share that pluripotent capacity as well as the ability to self renewal.
    We combine ES cell pluripotency with the power of “yeast genetics” having developed entirely haploid mouse ES cells. Mutagenesis in such cells allows for genome wide saturated screens to understand principles of ES cell biology that govern e.g. self renewal, differentiation, transformation, and gene expression. Genetic screens based on pools of 10-100 million independent mutations, allow us to rapidly map out genetic pathways.
    We aim to employ the gained genetic information to, for example, guide differentiation into various tissues.



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Selected Publications

Elling, U., Penninger, JM. (2014). Genome wide functional genetics in haploid cells. FEBS Lett. 588(15):2415-21 (abstract)
Wirnsberger, G., Zwolanek, F., Stadlmann, J., Tortola, L., Liu, SW., Perlot, T., Järvinen, P., Dürnberger, G., Kozieradzki, I., Sarao, R., De Martino, A., Boztug, K., Mechtler, K., Kuchler, K., Klein, C., Elling, U., Penninger, JM. (2014). Jagunal homolog 1 is a critical regulator of neutrophil function in fungal host defense. Nat Genet. 46(9):1028-33 (abstract)
Elling, U., Taubenschmid, J., Wirnsberger, G., O'Malley, R., Demers, SP., Vanhaelen, Q., Shukalyuk, AI., Schmauss, G., Schramek, D., Schnuetgen, F., von Melchner, H., Ecker, JR., Stanford, WL., Zuber, J., Stark, A., Penninger, JM. (2011). Forward and reverse genetics through derivation of haploid mouse embryonic stem cells. Cell Stem Cell. 9(6):563-74 (abstract)

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