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Design and function of molecular machines

  • What keeps cells and organisms alive are specific functions performed by highly organized macromolecular assemblies. Thomas Marlovits' research group wants to understand the architectural design of these ‘biological nanomachines’. The team explores such structures under normal and disease-related conditions. In order to elucidate the molecular mechanisms, the research group uses high-resolution three-dimensional electron microscopy to directly visualize molecular machines in action.

    As a joint IMP-IMBA group leader Thomas Marlovits works for both IMBA and the partner institute IMP.

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Selected Publications

DiMaio, F., Song, Y., Li, X., Brunner, MJ., Xu, C., Conticello, V., Egelman, E., Marlovits, TC., Cheng, Y., Baker, D. (2015). Atomic-accuracy models from 4.5-Å cryo-electron microscopy data with density-guided iterative local refinement. Nat Methods. 12(4):361-5 (abstract)
Radics, J., Königsmaier, L., Marlovits, TC. (2014). Structure of a pathogenic type 3 secretion system in action. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 21(1):82-7 (abstract)
Schraidt, O., Marlovits, TC. (2011). Three-dimensional model of Salmonella's needle complex at subnanometer resolution. Science. 331(6021):1192-5 (abstract)
Wagner, S., Königsmaier, L., Lara-Tejero, M., Lefebre, M., Marlovits, TC., Galán, JE. (2010). Organization and coordinated assembly of the type III secretion export apparatus. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107(41):17745-50 (abstract)
Marlovits, TC., Kubori, T., Lara-Tejero, M., Thomas, D., Unger, VM., Galán, JE. (2006). Assembly of the inner rod determines needle length in the type III secretion injectisome. Nature. 441(7093):637-40 (abstract)




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