Fumiyo Ikeda

Inflammatory regulation by ubiquitin networks

  • Ubiquitin is one of the most sophisticated and versatile post-translational modifications that regulate numerous biological functions, including inflammation, apoptosis, cancer, cell cycle, DNA repair, Parkinson’s disease and endocytosis. Depending on how Ubiquitin molecules are linked by enzymatic actions, they can form different topological chains on target proteins. These ubiquitin chains with different “appearances” recruit distinct protein networks that function to specifically regulate various aspects of physiology. 
    By using various approaches from biochemistry techniques to genetically modified animal models, we aim to dissect how ubiquitin networks control inflammatory responses.

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    Fumiyo Ikeda
    Group Leader
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Selected Publications

Asaoka, T., Almagro, J., Ehrhardt, C., Tsai, I., Schleiffer, A., Deszcz, L., Junttila, S., Ringrose, L., Mechtler, K., Kavirayani, A., Gyenesei, A., Hofmann, K., Duchek, P., Rittinger, K., Ikeda, F. (2016). Linear ubiquitination by LUBEL has a role in Drosophila heat stress response. EMBO Rep. 17(11):1624-1640 (abstract)
Asaoka, T., Ikeda, F. (2015). New Insights into the Role of Ubiquitin Networks in the Regulation of Antiapoptosis Pathways. Int Rev Cell Mol Biol. 318:121-58 (abstract)
Kumari, S., Redouane, Y., Lopez-Mosqueda, J., Shiraishi, R., Romanowska, M., Lutzmayer, S., Kuiper, J., Martinez, C., Dikic, I., Pasparakis, M., Ikeda, F. (2014). Sharpin prevents skin inflammation by inhibiting TNFR1-induced keratinocyte apoptosis. Elife. 3 (abstract)
Ikeda, F., Deribe, YL., Skånland, SS., Stieglitz, B., Grabbe, C., Franz-Wachtel, M., van Wijk, SJ., Goswami, P., Nagy, V., Terzic, J., Tokunaga, F., Androulidaki, A., Nakagawa, T., Pasparakis, M., Iwai, K., Sundberg, JP., Schaefer, L., Rittinger, K., Macek, B., Dikic, I. (2011). SHARPIN forms a linear ubiquitin ligase complex regulating NF-κB activity and apoptosis. Nature. 471(7340):637-41 (abstract)
Ikeda, F., Crosetto, N., Dikic, I. (2010). What determines the specificity and outcomes of ubiquitin signaling? Cell. 143(5):677-81 (abstract)

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