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The press photos, which are made available in this sector "Press Pictures", are only to be used with the declaration of the source and in connection with coverage of IMBA. The photos are freely available and can be used without special previous permission. The download is initiated by a mouse click on the pictures. In case you have questions please contact the Communications Department.

Josef Penninger, Scientific Director

copyright IMBA / Hans Krist

Jürgen Knoblich, Deputy Scientific Director

copyright IMBA / Hans Krist

Michael Krebs, Administrative Director

copyright IMBA / Hans Krist

IMBA Building

copyright IMBA / point of view

IMBA Front Side

IMBA Canyon

IMBA Staircase

IMBA Seminar Room

IMBA Staircase

IMBA Winter Garden



Vienna Biocenter

Österr. Akademie der Wissenschaften / Austrian Academy of Sciences

The Vienna Biocenter in the third district of Vienna has established itself as the premier location for life sciences in Central Europe and is a world-leading international bio-medical research center.


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