Bioethics Symposium

March 21, 2017

The IMBA Bioethics Symposium, April 5th 2017

The Bioethics Symposium at IMBA will address and discuss the main challenges arising from recent advancements in life sciences. New technologies like stem cell research, artificial organoids and genome editing have raised enormous expectations within the biomedical research community, patients and the general public. At the same time many ethical questions have emerged and a need to be discussed in an open dialogue.

The bioethics symposium at IMBA will address the scientific community and opinion leaders from diverse fields, and is also open to the public. Its aim is to foster a dialogue on ethical up-to-date issues like data sharing, biobanking, genome editing, stem cell and organoid research and raise awareness for responsible research. The goal is to bridge biotechnological research and relevant ethical aspects as well as to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue, and to highlight best practice examples.


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