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November 16, 2016

A milestone in small RNA biology: piRNA biogenesis from start to finish

Organisms are in a constant battle against viruses, or transposable elements, which invade their genomes. Among their most effective weapons are silencing pathways that use small RNAs to selectively target invading nucleic acids for their destruction. The molecular understanding of these defense systems has revolutionized modern molecular biology, as they are the basis for powerful genome editing and gene silencing methods such as CRISPR/Cas9 or RNA interference. Scientists from the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Austria (IMBA) have now unravelled the precise mechanisms by which germline cells produce a class of small RNAs, called piRNAs, that control transposon silencing in animals.

November 15, 2016

Brain development: How a ‘molecular compass’ regulates proper cell division

Researchers at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna have unravelled how a tiny microRNA molecule controls growth and differentiation of brain cells.

November 14, 2016

VBC PhD Award 2016

The 2016 VBC PhD Symposium ‘Mind the App’ ended traditionally with the VBC PhD Award ceremony on November 4th. The award is granted to postgraduate students to acknowledge outstanding PhD theses. It was inspired by MFPL group leader Renée Schroeder and is supported by the research institutes involved in postgraduate education at the VBC.

November 03, 2016

Mind the App - Symposium

Bridging Biology and Technology

October 31, 2016

Susan Lindquist, accomplished scientist and former IMBA SAB member, has died at age 67

Susan Lindquist was a valuable member of our scientific advisory board (SAB) from 2007 to 2012. With her knowledge in biomedical research, she made numerous, invaluable contributions to the study of protein folding and the consequences of misfolding. Her research transformed budding yeast into a model organism for studying human disease, evolution and biomaterials.

The Vienna Biocenter in the third district of Vienna has established itself as the premier location for life sciences in Central Europe and is a world-leading international bio-medical research center.


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