Communications Team

The IMBA Communications Team offers a variety of services for external and internal communication, aiming to make science understandable and exciting to a range of audiences.

Media Relations
As the informational point of contact, the IMBA Communications Team perceives itself as a partner of science journalism. Its aim is to provide high quality information to media representatives covering important research news as well as general issues and developments in science.
The Communications Team organizes and hosts journalists’ visits, arranges press conferences, and sets up background briefings and interviews. It assists in identifying ideal interview partners and experts in various fields of genetics and molecular biology. Furthermore, it provides picture material, facts & figures about the institute, and background information.

Publications & Web
The conception and publication of printed works is coordinated by the Communications Department. General brochures and the Annual Report are produced in order to inform the scientific community as well as the non-specialist public about the development at IMBA and the scientists’ achievements. The IMBA website presents the different research projects, background information about the institute, its members and its mission, as well as the latest news, seminars and events.

For all media related issues please contact:

Press Spokesperson
Evelyn Devuyst

+43 699 12300904

Ines Mehu-Blantar
+43-1-79044 - 3628

Tanja Schachner
+43-1-79044 - 3821

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