Summer School Student Quotes

What Summer Schoool Students say

Students from around the world gather in Vienna for a 9-week summer school programme at IMBA, IMP and MFPL. Assigned to different labs they work on a diverse range of exciting projects. Here are some former summer students' thoughts on their time at IMBA:

  • "To me it was a completely new experience since I had never implemented this technique before. It was a great opportunity to try something different to what I'm used to in my lab at university. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun and definitely worth it. My mentor was always happy to give me good feedback that would allow me to advance with my project. I think it would be a cool option to come back to the VBC for my PhD."

    Maximilian Schneider, University of Tübingen (Germany)
    Gerlich Group

  • "It was my first experience going abroad and it was a great work environment. If someone is interested in research, the VBC is the place to go.
    Especially appealing were also the social events organized by the team of the VBC summer school. I’m looking forward to more experiences like that."

    Bruno Costa, Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)
    Busslinger Group (IMP)

    "I would absolutely recommend the VBC Summer School to my fellow students. It was a great experience everyone should make at some point during his or her studies.
    I was able to absorb a lot of new information through the first hand experiences of how cutting edge research works in a place outside the university system. A major benefit was also the rather small size of the lab compared to university courses. It made it so much easier to get to know your supervisor and your PI and everyone was very helpful."

    Angela Rodriguez Viana, University of Strasbourg (France)
    Ameres Group

Class of 2015

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