IMBA & Vienna

Austria is a country with magnificent scenery and a rich cultural heritage, and Vienna is its vibrant capitol. Not only is it one of the greenest cities in Europe – Prater Park is almost twice as large as Central Park in New York –, but it is even, according to the “Mercer Quality of Living global city ranking 2010”, the best city in the world to live in.
Vienna offers culture, entertainment and nature, and it provides a safe environment with an excellent educational and social security system. Moreover, the city is the nation’s economical and educational centre and attracts international business with its location in the heart of Europe. With one of the oldest European universities it is also home to research of international importance in various fields.

Location of excellent science

Nine universities, five universities of applied sciences and over 900 independent research institutes – the numbers speak for themselves. Since 1997, Vienna has invested over 400 million Euro in research and technology with particular focus on the area of life sciences. Therefore, in recent years, Vienna has established itself as one of the top notch locations for research in the field of life sciences.
Next to the various teaching and research facilities, this can be ascribed to the presence of globally significant biotech, medtech and pharmaceutical companies, which are located in Vienna and contribute to a wide-ranging collaboration between science and industry.

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The Vienna Biocenter in the third district of Vienna has established itself as the premier location for life sciences in Central Europe and is a world-leading international bio-medical research center.


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