About IMBA

Our common vision

We, the scientists at IMBA, aim to perform groundbreaking research. We are eager to open new areas for research and approach unsettled issues in biology. New insights and new knowledge should fundamentally change our scientific thinking and our environment.

However, science is not made for scientists alone. Hence, a significant part of our vision consists of a substantial contribution to future medicine by the development of more efficient treatment methods to improve the quality of life for all mankind.

We aim to achieve our vision and maintain a focus on excellent research, by recruiting only the brightest minds for this challenge and by providing our researchers with all opportunities to be successful.

“IMBA plays in the top 'league' of biomedical research.”

We want to successfully pursue our path toward a world-class research institute. In doing so, the quality and significance of our research has top priority for us. Our Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of outstanding international scientists (among them two Nobel Prize winners), will continue their support of our aim to maintain the highest standards of research.

“IMBA is a place where the best scientists can follow their visions with the outmost financial and technical support!”

We have created an academic and technological “candy store” where researchers can have every opportunity to suceed. This means free access to central infrastructure allowing scientists to work immediately and without limitations. Researchers are therefore able to “jump” technologies and model systems and may perform experiments that otherwise would never have been possible due to costs or limitations in technical expertise.

“We believe that creativity is a child of freedom!”

At IMBA academic freedom and scientific independence are not just empty words. From the very first day researchers are strongly encouraged to develop their spirit of discovery and creativity, generate their own ideas and projects, follow their curiosity and think against the mainstream.

“IMBA attracts the best young scientists to join an inspiring and dynamic institute!”

We bet on fresh ideas, provide early independence, and thereby scientific renown to young scientists. We give them free access to state-of-the art technologies, have the patience to develop talents, and most importantly, we create a place where people and ideas are respected and where people enjoy doing their research.

“We want to understand the underlying mechanisms of diseases by investigating fundamental molecular processes.”

We aim to transfer our knowledge into novel approaches for further development of new medication and innovative therapies. Several findings of IMBA are likely to be applied in the near future, such as identification of the key SARS receptor ACE2 as a regulator of acute lung injury (Nature Med. 2005), which is now being further developed in a biotech company to generate human medicine.

“Growth and financial independence will help us to remain internationally competitive in the long term!”

In the next ten years IMBA wants to double the number of its scientific employees. We intend to become a major global scientific player and continue to compete at an international level.

The Vienna Biocenter in the third district of Vienna has established itself as the premier location for life sciences in Central Europe and is a world-leading international bio-medical research center.


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